EGG: Entire DeFi From A Single Cross-Chain Dashboard

Abstract. A frictionless wallets aggregator embedding all dApps, sorted by risk levels, would accelerate DeFi’s mainstream adoption.

Decentralized Applications are multiple, varied and now spread over several blockchains, making them less and less accessible, even for seasoned users.

We offer a solution where wallets, exchanges and yield farms finally become one. This reunion breaks the ultimate barrier that mainstream users face while accessing web3 programs.

The addition of due diligence systems through machine learning increase users’ protection by enabling scalable and efficient ranking of trending opportunities.

1. Introduction

Traditional, centralized finance has existed for centuries during which it evolved across trials, errors and upgrades. It is better integrated into modern society than any blockchain service today and is by far the most popular way people put their money to work. Nonetheless, financial operations still rely on an elitist ecosystem.

DeFi and Virtual currencies in general offer unprecedented possibilities for providing adequate solutions to this flawed system. Smart contracts enable transactions to be processed securely, instantly and with low fees.

However, DeFi existing tools remain risky and difficult to access, thereby keeping mainstream users away. Listing only the audited smart contracts does not eliminate the risk, but it cannot be denied that the audits carried out by recognized companies limit the danger. Not only does EGG.FI list only the audited ones, but we also add data-driven criteria to refine the ranking.

Users should constantly be alerted on the potential risk, easily access learning about each of the listed projects and the blockchain itself. Such developments represent an integral part of EGG Finance’s strategy. The risks being reduced, the difficulty of access would become the main reason for the distance of mainstream users in the medium term.

We cannot yet call this financial architecture “open finance”— when new users have to pass through difficult loops to participate — hence, the need for simplified interfaces.

Don’t you find annoying that, when you have Token A but you want to farm on Blockchain B (that requires Token B); you will first need to convert Token A to Token B (usually on a CEX), send Token B to your web3 wallet, switch the network and finally farm?

EGG (or Earn Generous Gems) is a one-stop dashboard that does not only aggregate the best DeFi applications; it also bridges blockchains together and integrates fiat on & off ramps to offer a one-click process.

It is primordial to sort opportunities intelligently through massive data processing. The process appears underwater for the end user so that anyone, no matter his experience, can finally be able to manage their cryptocurrencies in a fair and professional manner.

In this paper, we will describe the complete crosschain financial management solution, and its governance model through the EGG DAO, helping all members to take control on decisions through a transparent voting feature.

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