Performance Leaderboard

The Performance Leaderboard is the first of its kind, that will start by a free product and that will become a major part of EGG’s business plan, helping the DAO generate revenues.

EGG Finance contains a permission-less, unstoppable protocol for asset management assets from major DeFi compatible blockchains. It is non-custodial: users retain ownership over their funds, investment managers cannot run away with investor funds.

Description This new, wallets leaderboard approach to investing is designed to help users diversify their portfolios, minimize long-term risk, and take advantage of trending market opportunities. Wallets are separated by blockchains and can be combined to fi nd top performers taking into account all blockchains, the EGG community is also a category. Each portfolio is periodically re-ranked amongst millions in order to get the most out of the feature. EGG Finance traces the routes of single user’s multiple wallets to de fi ne a portfolio .eth address.

Copy Portfolios It is important to note that each « Copy Portfolio » action activates multiple trades but is counted as a single trade. Each trade will open for you with the same proportional amount, as a percentage of your allocated funds.

You will be able to explore top performers’ wallets and copy their portfolios, that will purchase assets from a single token, in proportion of your balance. New activities of the copied portfolios will alert you so that you can confirm to proceed to the transaction copying the targeted wallet’s activity.

EGG Finance is a one-stop location for managing investment activities on major blockchains where you can put your capital to work in different strategies based on a transparent track record.

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