How to withdraw free EGG via BSC Network?

1.Visit the distribution file and check if your wallet address is listed. If your wallet address is listed you will have to connect that wallet address to your EGG.FI profile in order to withdraw your free EGG.

2. Once you have connected your eligible wallet address on your EGG.FI profile you need to open the Overview page and select between ETH and BSC Network.

3. Once you click on ETH or BSC Network a pop up will appear, read it carefully and click "YES" or "NO". In this case we will be withdrawing EGG on BSC Network.

4. If you have clicked on "NO" the process will be closed, if you clicked on "YES" a MetaMask's pop up will appear where you have to confirm the transaction fee.

5. Once you click on the "CONFIRM" button the gas fee will be processed from your wallet balance and once the transaction is confirmed your EGG tokens will reach your wallet.

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