Gamifying Finance

"Gamification" does not mean turning the banking or insurance app (or part of it) into an actual game (although it could be), but rather leveraging specific gameplay principles, design elements and mechanisms in another industry (i.e. in a non-game context), in this case the financial services industry.

The gaming industry deploys already for years specific techniques, which are well-documented in the behavioral psychology, to make games more fun, more engaging, more rewarding and even more addictive. This is usually done by stimulating the primal motives of curiosity, scarcity and accomplishment.

Concretely this means that features like points, scoreboards or leaderboards, objectives (via missions, challenges or quests), levels or milestones, ratings and rankings, badges, avatars, team mates, performance graphs, progress bars, storytelling...​ are integrated in the user flows of a banking or insurance app.

These activate user emotions and allow to increase the engagement and motivation of the end-user and to change certain behavior of this end-user. In short they convert a boring activity into a fun one.

Learn Blockchain Acquire virtual currencies in a fun and low risk way, by watching videos and testing your knowledge. Watch Videos, Learn about top & emerging crypto projects, Complete Quiz, Put your newfound knowledge to the test, Earn Crypto, Get rewarded in the crypto you learned about! Several assets can be earned this way, EGG has partnered with trusted & emerging projects to offer an easy way to learn about cryptocurrency, earning virtual currencies as a reward.

Every new feature will be part of the pro fi le long-term onboarding that is gamified in a way where each new step gives EGG rewards. We make learning an earning opportunity.

Airdrops represent a central part in crypto projects promotion. EGG.FI is one of the main airdrops platforms, having reached a total amount of 9M+ completed tasks and participated to major companies promotions, to quote a few:

• OKEx • Stellar • Uniswap • Ledger • Poloniex • Chiliz • Trust Wallet • Swissborg • 1Inch • Bithumb

The giveaways company Skyrush puts in the hands of EGG.FI its system enabling several types of draws like « Random », « Competition », « Random amongst X Top scorers » or simple « Twitter giveaways » .

NFT s Fungible tokens such as Bitcoin are not unique, meaning one Bitcoin has exactly the same value as another. A non-fungible token is something totally unique and if swapped with another NFT, will be fundamentally different. An NFT acts as a non-duplicable digital certificate of ownership representing a specific digital asset.

EGG will set up NFT Farming to allow NFT holders to be incentivized by blocking them, which helps to increase their added value.

The NFTs will also see the light of day in the "Aidrops" part which is a specialty of EGG teams, in order to allow new artists NFTs or collections to give NFTs which can also take the form of competitions. The platform is a partner in this project.

Invite Friends We appeal to Affiliate marketing as an advertising model in which the EGG DAO compensates EGG holders to generate traffic. The commission fee incentivizes to complete several actions to promote the EGG. The Internet has increased the prominence of affiliate marketing. E-Commerce websites popularized the practice by creating affiliate marketing programs whereby websites and bloggers put links to the E- Commerce page for a reviewed or discussed product to receive advertising fees when a purchase is made. In this sense, we propose this pay-for-performance marketing program where the act of selling is outsourced across a vast network.

Firms typically pay per sale and less frequently by click or impression. As technology evolves, it is becoming increasingly easier for fraudsters to generate multiple clicks and impressions via software.

EGG proposes 2 levels of affiliation, rewarding you and your affiliates for building your own network that will be linked to the main EGG network.

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