How to Activate Max APY by Holding 10,000 EGG?

If you are trying to stake or provide liquidity for some project on EGG.FI and you see the following screen, it means that you do not hold 10,000 EGG on your MetaMask wallet and you are not eligible for the max APY.

In order to be eligible for the max APY you will have to hold at least 10,000 EGG tokens on your MetaMask wallet that's connected on your EGG.FI profile under the ETH Wallet tab during the full locking period.

In case you do not have any EGG tokens on your MetaMask wallet you can purchase EGG directly from Uniswap by connecting your MetaMask wallet and purchase EGG with your ETH.

After you complete your order our accountant will review your staking order and process it, you will receive an email shortly if you are eligible for the max APY or not.

NOTE: You need to hold 10,000 EGG on the same MetaMask wallet address which is used for the staking or liquidity mining order, holding EGG on a different MetaMask wallet will result in a lesser APY.

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