EGG Protocol (Utility Token)

There are a variety of actors across EGG’s protocol matrix. i.e. liquidity providers/ takers, staking protocols, developers and community contributors for airdrops etc.

We believe that the most viable for an open finance platform is with EGG being the transactions tokens in the network and serving the role of providing utility and acting as a proxy to govern the protocols and accrue the network effect of the EGG platform.

The token economics is to encourage positive feedback loops and facilitate sustainable and long-term incentive alignments. EGG is platform utility token that enable protocol governance, fee payment, staking and incentives.

EGG will facilitate the following functions:

Governance Token EGG acts as a voting vehicle within the ecosystem and community engagement. Governance also allows EGG holders to dictate the EGG's protocol and EGG's token primitive, i.e. to modify, expand and govern key features of EGG protocol matrix and expand EGG's own utility. However, fully decentralized on-chain governance takes time and it is a gradual process, we believe it’s’ important to fi nd the protocol market fit before taking massive leap towards fully decentralizing governance.

Social Actions Based Advertisers willing to promote on the platform reward EGG users for promoting their projects while protecting privacy. EGG connects advertisers, publishers, and users and is denominated by relevant user activity, while removing social and economic costs associated with existing ad networks, e.g., fraud, privacy violations, and malvertising.

EGG can be utilized as a rewarding token within the full EGG.FI ecosystem and beyond, for actions like affiliation, quizzes, airdrops or bug bounties.

Reduce Locking Period EGG can be used to cash out your staked assets before the official locking period. For e.g. Ethereum staking rewards can only be withdrawn in 2022, while EGG proposes a faster unbound period that is calculated from ETH variation, APY and the time locked.

Yield Booster EGG is used as an over-incentivizing token on some farming opportunities to help you multiply yield and raise brand awareness. This can help new crypto businesses facilitate the promotion of their tokens, and help EGG DAO benefit from major crypto businesses promotion.

Token Metrics

• Token Name: EGG Protocol • Total Supply: 76 000 000 EGG • Max Supply: 86 000 000 EGG • Tokens to Burn: 10 000 000 EGG • Airdrop Rewards: 8 000 000 EGG • Team: 6 000 000 EG G

ETH • Token Type: ERC20 • Total Supply: 60 000 000 EGG • Max Supply: 70 000 000 EGG • Contract: 0xd0983dd6a0334c71d0478255d1f794508026b888

BSC • Token Type: BEP20 • Total Supply: 16 000 000 EGG • Contract: 0x0564E2DA1E26192a185E48a73Fb1C1e6Ad7a1a26

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