How to Stake Tokens?

  1. Visit EGG.FI's homepage and select the "STAKING" category.

2. Select a token that you want to stake from the list and click on the blue "PARTICIPATE" button (ex: PancakeSwap).

3. Enter the amount that you want to stake and select a payment method, then click on the green "STAKE NOW" button. In this tutorial we will be using ETH as a payment method.

4. Once you click on the "STAKE NOW" button (if you have enough ETH on your MetaMask wallet) you will see a pop up from where you have to confirm the payment, click on the "CONFIRM" button.

5. Congratulations, you're all set!

  1. In case you do not have enough ETH on your MetaMask wallet then you will see another pop up payment where you have to manually send the ETH payment.

2. From that pop up simply copy the wallet address and send the ETH payment, once transaction is confirmed, click on the green "I CONFIRM THAT I PAID" button.

3. Once the payment is sent you will have to copy the transaction ID and paste it in the pop up field, then click on the green button.

4. Congratulations, you're all set!

If you have more questions regarding the staking on EGG.FI you can check our official FAQ here, or email us at:

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