Smart Dashboard

User Experience (UX) optimization is a pillar of EGG Finance’s strategy. We apply proven methodologies such as « Design Sprint » to convert prototypes to live products after having analyzed and interviewed representative users in a flexible agile environment.

Such methods lead to a frictionless platform that gives the insurance to attract, activate and retain a wide range of users. EGG v1 (previously called Cocoricos) reached a 30% bounce rate and an average time on site of +5 minutes, being amongst best metrics reached by a crypto project (cf. Alexa Rank).

Your dashboard is therefore made to stay the easiest one, continuously reducing the amount of clicks required to reach an objective. At the same time, it enables you to reach a constant overview of what is trending in the DeFi space at the most convenient moment.

Cross-Chain Wallets After the emergence of DeFi on Ethereum, it is continuously growing within other blockchains such as Polygon, Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain. Our dashboard must obviously be cross-chain and thus allow the possibility of importing wallets spread within those blockchains and upcoming ones.

To do this, we need to import a large volume of data, in order to process the maximum number of applications and prevent you from discovering them elsewhere.

Track Overall Performance Tracking its overall performance allows to no longer have to process results on endless spreadsheets, and to focus your efforts on one essential point: Performance Evaluation.

This evaluation broadly refers to the measurement, analysis, interpretation, assessment, and presentation of investment results, such as return and risk of portfolios over specified periods.

Overall Portfolio’s view focuses the attention on sensitive elements and sorts them by importance.

Social Profiles Now that cross-chain wallets are connected and the overall performance tracked, users can enable their portfolio to appear publicly so that other users can copy it, to engage a social approach around wallets .

The private feature limits access to your portfolio to the users that you accepted in your network. No one else can see it except you and members you want to accept, it will even not be listed on the leaderboard . Trading / farming on all pairs, regardless of the DEX where they are positioned would save a precious time. We will explain in the next chapter how does EGG propose this.

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